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About Mud Finder

Mud Finder 3.0 is a free mobile app designed to help you, the off-road rider, find places to ride all over the US. 

Mud Finder is crowd sourced and privately validated location listing app.  Users are able to add locations while they are out riding.  Even if they have no cell service.  Our locations team then contacts the location and validates details and gathers additional information. 

Mud Finder also has features like: 

  • Ability to work offline for locations, check-ins, reviews, etc. 
  • It also provides the same ability around services.  Add your favorite gas station, grocery, camping spot, fast food or any other service so people can find them when they are in the area. 
  • Mud Finder has a new listing for off-road events.  Now you can browse off-road events from all over the US.  You can view ones that are within 500-miles of you or you can view by state.  You can even search based on criteria like state, date, onsite camping, etc. 
  • Classified Ads are now part of the Mud Finder.  At current we have businesses that are populating special deals and the like.  These only show for their area so these are places that you can get to.  Soon we will also have private sale items as well centered around off-road gear and rides. 


While we have many other features that are coming, we have one in particular that we need some volunteers for.  We want to build a section where riding groups can post upcoming rides that are available for either their own group or open to the public to come join the fun. 

We are looking for group leaders that would be interested in being some of the first to create their groups and post about upcoming rides. 

If that is you, please use the feature request in the Mud Finder to contact us.  Please ensure the email address that your account is based on, is correct. 

You can also contact us on Facebook. 

Thank you for your support from the C.A.S.T Crew! 

Jerry Collins

Konkus Marble and Granite